Spiked Roller

spiked roller

Spiked Roller

Spiked roller for removing bubbles in epoxy resin and self-levelling cement. With more spiked it provides a great finish faster.

spiked roller for epoxy floor

Different sizes

spiked roller self-levelling cement

Spiked Roller self-levelling cement

spiked roller epoxy tools

Spiked Roller Splash Protection

spiked roller bubbles

Aluminium Support

urethane spiked roller

Urethane Spiked Roller

spiked roller work table

Spiked Roller Work Table

We have the largest spiked roller line, spiked rollers are used to provide a better finish on epoxy resin floors, but we have different solutions for other materials, such as urethane, self-levelling cement, epoxy.