The largest line of tools for self-levelling epoxy and cement coatings

Dupol is a company in Brazil, manufacturer of tools for application of epoxy flooring and self-levelling cement, we have certification for the high quality of the tools.
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Spiked Shoes, Squeegue, Spiked Roller, Trowels, Mixers, Paint Roller, Spatula... and more!

spiked shoes

Spiked Shoes

Epoxy shoes all you to walk through epoxy coating.

spiked roller

Spiked Roller

Spiked Roller for removing bubbles in epoxy resin.

squeeguee epoxy floor


Serrated squeegee for spreading epoxy resin.

trowel epoxy floor


Trowel with serrated blade change.

paint roller primer epoxy

Paint Roller

Robust support for spreading epoxy primer and floor paints.

containment tape epoxy tools

Containment Tape

Containment tape is used to block the resin.

serrated spatula

Serrated Spatula

Descrição de uma iniciativa e a importância dela

mixer epoxy tools


Floor mixers in epoxy resin and polymeric mortar

serrated blade squeeguee

Serrated Blade

Serrated Blade for Squeegue stell and elastomer

grinder dust collector epoxy tools

Grinder Dust Collector

Used to vacuum the dust generated by the grinder

Tool Kits

Tool kit for applying epoxy floors.

Other Tools

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